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propane tank sizesWhether you’re adding propane to your home or need to replace your current propane tank, Bedford Valley Petroleum is here for you.

Our propane-tank experts will help you choose the right size of tank for your home, and then expertly install it so that you have peace of mind.

Affordable propane-tank leasing

When you buy your propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane supplier. But you have to pay for purchasing and installing the tank. And responsibility for the tank, such as maintenance and repairs to keep it safely operating, is all on you.

With propane-tank leasing from Bedford Valley Petroleum, you don’t have to worry about any of that! We’ll take care of your tank, making sure that it’s working as it should and that it meets our high safety standards.

Propane-tank sizes for all needs

Your neighbor may have a home that’s a similar size to yours. But you may need a different size of propane tank.

That’s because what size you get depends on what you use propane for in your home, how many propane appliances you use, and your average yearly propane usage. Our propane experts will thoroughly go over your propane usage and needs to make sure that you get the proper size tank for your home.

Here are our propane-tank sizes, to give you a better idea of what you may need:

200-lb. tank. Do you have one or two propane appliances, such as a range, a fireplace, or a clothes dryer? This will probably be a large enough tank to meet those needs.

420-lb. tank. This size of tank is for homes with two or three propane appliances—for example, a fireplace, a clothes dryer, a water heater and a range. It is not large enough for whole-house heating.

320-lb. tank. If you have three or more propane appliances, this is probably the tank for you. If your house is small, you may be able to use this size for home heating. We’ll help you determine that.

500-lb. tank. If you heat your home with propane, you will likely need this size tank, especially if you have other propane appliances.

1,000-lb. tank. This large tank is mostly used in commercial applications. But if you have a large home with many propane appliances and you use propane for heating a pool, you may need this size.

2,000-gallon tank and larger. These are primarily for commercial use and are special orders.

A conversation with one of our propane professionals can help determine what is best for you.

Propane-tank service near you

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