Propane Equipment in Bedford County, PA

Bedford Valley Petroleum adds efficiency and comfort to your home

Your heating, cooling and comfort equipment are major investments in your home and in your quality of life there.

Bedford Valley Petroleum has the selection of top-quality propane appliances to help you make the most of that investment. We’ll help you choose the right equipment for your home, and help you get any rebates your new propane appliances qualify for.

Those appliances will be sfely and properly installed by our trained, knowledgeable service technicians. We also provide maintenance tune-ups and repairs.

Our service technicians show up when we say they will, do their work safely and efficiently, and clean up after themselves before leaving.

equipment and serviceOur service area includes:

Propane boilers and furnaces

How has your home’s heating system been running lately? If it hasn’t been running well, it may be reaching the end of its life expectancy.

An older furnace or boiler is less efficient, and will need more, and more expensive, repairs.

You may be considering replacing it but worrying about the cost. Here’s a good rule to follow: If repairs exceed 50% of the cost of replacement, they are wasted money. Upgrading to a new heating system pays you back from the first time you turn it on, with better efficiency and lower energy costs.

You get fast, even, comfortable and efficient heating with a propane furnace or boiler. Propane heating systems warm your home and keep it warm better and more cost-effectively than electric heat pumps and natural gas.

Propane water heaters

Heating your water makes up about 20% of your home’s energy costs. By installing a new, efficient propane water heater, you can reduce your energy costs from water heating.

If you currently have an electric water heater and you switch to propane, your savings will be dramatic. Propane gets water hot faster than electricity for about a 30% lower cost.

Propane tankless water heaters can increase those savings even more, because they only heat water on demand. You get as much hot water as you need, when you need it.

In addition to propane appliances, we sell, install, maintain and repair oil-fired furnaces, boilers and water heaters. We also sell, install, maintain and repair air conditioning systems.

Contact us to get started on adding energy-efficient, cost-effective propane appliances for your home!