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convert to propaneConverting to propane is quite easy. We can help you understand the process.

You can enjoy the benefits of propane wherever you live, because you’re not dependent on a natural-gas utility’s lines being in your neighborhood.

Propane has another advantage over natural gas. Your propane supply is stored at your home in your propane tank. It’s always there for you. Natural-gas service can be knocked out by a problem with the lines elsewhere in your community. You may go for hours, if not days, without natural gas for heating, hot water, cooking and more. Cold house, cold showers, cold food. That’s not a great deal.

Propane is much more efficient and will help you reduce your energy costs.

For starters, propane generates more energy than natural gas, making it more efficient. Propane generates 2,516 British thermal units (Btu’s) per cubic foot. Natural gas produces 1,030 Btu’s per cubic foot. You get more efficiency for heating, water heating and more with propane.

If you use electricity for heating your home and your water, your electric bills may make you want to cry at times.

Propane can’t be beat for water heating. It heats water faster than electricity for 30% less money!

When it comes to heating your home, propane furnaces and boilers heat to between 130˚ and 140˚ Fahrenheit. Electric heat pumps, on the other hand, can only heat to around 98˚. With propane, your home is warmer, and gets warm faster, than with electricity.

Propane clothes dryers dry your laundry about 25% faster than comparable electric dryers. They are also gentler on your clothes and produce fewer wrinkles.

Pound for pound, propane is more efficient than coal, creating 21,500 Btu’s per pound. Coal generates about 12,500 Btu’s per pound.

With Bedford Valley Petroleum, you’ll get dependable, safe propane delivery and propane-tank installation, as well as propane-appliance installation and service performed by trained, experienced service technicians.

We also give you pricing and payment options you can use to manage your propane costs in the way that best suits your life and your budget.

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