Heating-Oil Equipment Service in Bedford County, PA

Bedford Valley Petroleum helps keep your home warm and comfortable

heating oil equipment serviceIf you use heating oil in your home, congratulations!

Heating oil gets your home warm faster than any other fuel. Today’s heating oil burns much more cleanly than the heating oil of a generation ago. Technological advances have dramatically improved the energy efficiency of heating-oil equipment, making it an even better choice for your home.

We install heating-oil boilers, furnaces and water heaters. Bedford Valley Petroleum can help you choose the right oil-fired water heater for your home, install it, and provide expert maintenance so that it runs at its peak efficiency. We’re also here for you if you need repairs. When you call, we answer!

The Bedford Valley Petroleum service technicians show up when we say they will, do their work safely and efficiently, and clean up after themselves before leaving.

Our service area includes:

Heating-oil furnace and boiler installation and service

If you have an oil-fired furnace or boiler that is more than 15 years old, its efficiency could have gone down markedly. By how much? Older oil-fired heating systems can have efficiencies of only between 56% and 70%. That means that for every dollar you spend on heating oil, between 30¢ and 44¢ is lost in the combustion process, driving up your heating costs.

Advances in technology have given today’s heating-oil boilers and furnaces efficiencies of up to 98%. Almost all of every dollar you spend on heating oil goes toward heating your home. A new oil-fired furnace or boiler gives you a return on your investment every time it kicks on.

If you upgrade to an Energy Star-rated furnace or boiler, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

Heating-oil water-heater installation and service

Oil-fired water heaters do a much better and more energy-efficient job than comparable electric water heaters.

You can save big money by upgrading to an oil-fired water heater. The energy costs for electric water heaters can be more than twice those of oil-fired water heaters.

But oil-fired water heaters have more advantages than just cost-effectiveness. They have a very high recovery rate, which is the amount of water whose temperature a unit can raise by 100˚ Fahrenheit in one hour. An oil-fired water heater has a recovery rate of 120 gallons per hour. Electric water heaters can have recovery rates as low as 14 gallons per hour.

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