Wholesale Fuels in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia

Get personal, local service from Bedford Valley Petroleum

wholesaleThere are many advantages to using a locally owned and operated commercial fuel service provider like Bedford Valley Petroleum for your business’s bulk fuel needs.

One of the biggest advantages is that we are local. Because we’re here and we understand the concerns and needs of businesses, you’ll get personalized, responsive service. When you call, we answer. Going with a big national fuel company doesn’t get you that quality of service. Bedford Valley Petroleum has been serving this region since 1947. Knowing how to meet the needs of local businesses is one of the main reasons we’ve been around this long.

We know what kind of businesses are in our service area of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. So we know what kind of fuels they need. These are the fuels we deliver:

Our customer base is diverse, as is shown by the wide range of fuels we offer. Diesel fuels are used both on the road for large trucks and off-road in construction, paving and farming.

Propane does a lot for many different businesses. Restaurants and other food-service companies get the benefits of cooking with gas without depending on a natural-gas utility. Commercial laundries get faster, more efficient drying of clothes. Propane is versatile on jobsites for ground drying, temporary heating and generators.

Why choose Bedford Valley Petroleum?

Bedford Valley Petroleum has the personnel and the vehicles to deliver 3,500 to 9,000 gallons of your fuel in each delivery. And we customize your delivery service, so you get your fuel when you need it, with no extra deliveries and no worries about running low. If you find yourself needing more fuel, we’re right nearby, so we can get it to you promptly and efficiently.

We deliver to your gas station, farm, business, or construction or job site—anywhere you have bulk fuel storage tanks. You can also have peace of mind knowing that our commercial-fuel delivery drivers are trained in and committed to safety best practices in every facet of fuel delivery.

Get reliable service for your bulk fuel delivery. Contact Bedford Valley Petroleum to learn more about our commercial fuel services.