Motor Fuels for Businesses in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia

You can count on Bedford Valley Petroleum

commercial fuelsIf you have a fleet of vehicles or equipment, you need a motor-fuels provider you know will be there for you.

In Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, that company is Bedford Valley Petroleum.

Because we are a locally owned and operated business, we are responsive to the needs of businesses in our service area. When you call, we answer!

We tailor our services to your needs—we don’t force you into one-size-fits-all services the way large national corporations do. Our motor-fuel delivery service for businesses ranges from 150 to 3,000 gallons per delivery. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and create a delivery schedule to meet them.

Commercial fuels that Bedford Valley Petroleum delivers

Our ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels for both on-road and off-road use help your vehicles and equipment run better and more cleanly, as well as reducing emissions. Diesel fuels are used in a variety of vehicles and equipment, including:

If you have a fleet of gasoline-powered vehicles such as vans or cars, we deliver both ethanol and non-ethanol gasoline. We deliver No. 2 fuel oil to heat buildings.

Clean, versatile commercial propane

Propane can do so much more than run your BBQ grill. It has a wide range of commercial applications.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens in areas without natural-gas service use propane to turn out large amounts of high-quality food. Hotels, resorts and laundromats use propane dryers that get their laundry dry 25% faster than a comparable electric dryer. Propane dryers also create less wear and fewer wrinkles on fabrics.

Farms use propane for efficient, cost-effective crop drying, building and water heating, generators, greenhouses, flame weeders and other equipment.

Propane whole-building backup generators keep businesses, schools, assisted-living centers, hospitals, nursing homes and more safe during a power outage. Businesses, municipalities and school districts are discovering the economic and environmental benefits of clean-burning propane autogas. It reduces emissions and wear on engines.

Propane can be used by construction companies for generators, temporary heating and ground warming. Another environmental benefit of propane is that it does not damage the air, water or soil in the rare event of a leak.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our motor-fuels services.