Fuels for Agriculture

Bedford Valley Petroleum can help your farm prosper

agricultureFarming is a career that requires a lot of knowledge and skill. You’re not just growing crops or raising livestock. You’re maintaining buildings. You’re managing costs as carefully as you can so that you can keep as much income as possible.

That’s why turning to Bedford Valley Petroleum for the commercial fuel services your farm requires is the right move.

Bedford Valley Petroleum is a locally owned and operated business. We have been serving our neighbors here in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia since 1947. Those decades of experience give us the knowledge to provide you with the reliable commercial fuel service you depend on. Our fuel pricing is transparent and competitive.

You can get all these fuels for your farm from Bedford Valley Petroleum:

We thoroughly discuss with you how you use fuels on your farm, and work with you to set up a delivery plan that will get you your fuels when you need them. We can adjust your service as your needs change. That is the personal, responsive, respectful service you get with a local business. When you call, we answer.

How is propane used on farms?

The versatility and clean-burning of propane make it an outstanding fuel choice for many tasks around your farm. With propane, you get more efficient and cost-effective heating of barns, greenhouses, poultry houses and other buildings than you do with electricity. Propane can also heat water for your buildings.

Hands down, propane is the best choice for crop drying. Propane crop dryers let you keep the part of your yield that would be lost to rot if left to dry outdoors. They are also up to 50% more efficient than crop dryers that use other fuels. Propane forklifts are efficient and, because of their extremely low emissions levels, can be used both indoors and out.

Using propane for flame weed control is a safer, more efficient and economical way to deal with weeds in your fields than using dangerous herbicides. Propane flame weed control is safe and effective. You also don’t have to wait to get back to work in that field as you would after using herbicides. You get all of this without being dependent on an electric or natural-gas utility, because your propane supply is right there at your farm.

Count on Bedford Valley Petroleum for all your farm’s fuel needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.