The Benefits of High-Quality Lubricants

Bedford Valley Petroleum has what your business needs!

lubricantsMany businesses here in Bedford Valley Petroleum’s service area depend on fleet vehicles for some facet of their work.

As a locally owned and operated fuel-services company, Bedford Valley Petroleum is dedicated to helping businesses in this area grow and prosper. That’s why we provide a wide range of commercial fuel products and services, things we know that businesses in this area need.

One of our services is in lubricants. With our own fleet of fuel-delivery trucks and equipment-service vans, we understand that keeping them in top running shape is essential for fulfilling our commitment to our customers of reliability—and that the same thing is important to you. So we offer an array of lubricants and other fluids, providing only the very best quality products for our customers.

How do quality lubricants help your business? Here are three ways:

Protecting your investment

You spend a lot of money on your business’s fleet vehicles. It doesn’t end with buying them. Once you’ve done that, you pay to insure, store, maintain and repair them. Cutting corners by purchasing lower-quality lubricants and fluids may save a few dollars but may also inhibit the performance of your vehicles and even damage them.

Keeping your vehicles running longer

The moving parts of a vehicle’s engine eventually wear down over time. But when you use lubricants of a better quality, there is less grinding of parts and less wear and tear. This can benefit not only the engine, but the transmission as well. Did you know that regular maintenance and using high-quality lubricants can extend the life span of your vehicle by up to 100,000 miles? Not having to replace your vehicles as often is very good for your bottom line.

Saving money

By maintaining your fleet vehicles regularly and using top-quality lubricants from Bedford Valley Petroleum, you’re protecting your vehicles’ engines and transmissions. That reduces the number of breakdowns, lowering your repair costs. High-quality lubricants help your vehicles run at their best efficiency, improving performance while reducing fuel costs.

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